Fishing Noosa December 2007 fishing report

Sunshine Coast fishing Dec 2007

Parrot Fish

December started well with Maori cod, parrot sweetlip and trevally being caught at Sunshine reef on the 1st December, on a half day fishing trip. We had set out fairly early, and ended up having to race a squall back to noosa. (We beat it.....just) The squall had some huge wind in it! We had the pleasure of seeing our first Spotted Mackerel for the year too. He was a monster, well over a meter, but, in some confusion, he was dropped on the side of the boat. We had bought a new baitrunner, and loaded it with braid, this was the first fish we have had the honor of catching with the new gear, and it performed well. (Just a shame we didn't get to taste it!)
The next trip was out to sunshine reef on a half day, this yielded parrot fish, and moses perch, as well as the schools and schools of under sized red emperor.
We ventured out to North Reef on the 3rd of December, we sat pretty wide on North, which gave us some great Squirey Snapper. We also got banded sea perch, and Parrot before heading in to Halls reef to look for some Mackerel. The bait fish waited until we we setting off home before boiling. They would have to wait for another day!
Noosa fishing Johns Snapper and Parrot
Noosa fishing charter Steve Snapper
The next day was mildly disappointing with us heading to the same part of Sunshine Reef on a half day trip, to come back with very little, just Parrot fish and Moses Perch. So, we ventured out to the top end of North Reef, on a Full day Fishing trip, on the 3rd December. It was pretty calm out there, so we went wide. We consistently caught fish all day, and came home with some nice Snapper, parrot fish, and Banded sea perch.
From the 3rd, we didn't get out again until the 9th. We headed too Sunshine Reef again on a half day trip. It was absolutely perfect conditions out there, and we saw bait schools all over the place. We stopped just off Granite bay for a little while, where we flicked slugs at the bait. We hooked on to one of the Sharks that was rounding the bait up, got snapped off, and then headed out to anchor up, and bottom bash. We came home with some nice venus tuskfish (Parrot), Snapper, and Scorpian Cod.
Noosa fishing 17th December 2007 catch
fishing noosa Michaels Cobia
The next few days were also spent around Sunshine reef. The quality of the Snapper (Like the one up and left, and top right) and the good sized Parrot meant that we really didn't have to travel too far for our fish in December. With good Snapper, Parrot, Scorpian Cod, Reef Sharks, banded sea perch, moses perch caught, Sunshine reef was great for early December. We started to see some Bonito turning up, and bait schools Starting to fire up, but still no Makerel.
We had an afternoon river trip on the 11th December, and with the conditions perfect, I took them out to Halls reef quickly. Using our spinning gear, we got a couple of small Bonito on the way out, just over the Noosa Bar. We used our light river gear, and managed some nice small snapper, before the conditions picked up, and forced us back into the Noosa river, where we picked up some quality Grunter Bream. (pic bottom right)

fishing noosa Snapper and Sweetlip
noosa fishing Small Snapper
The weather then stopped us from getting out until the 16th of December, where we headed once again to Sunshine reef on a half day fishing charter. We did it tough!!! We caught plenty of Juvenile fish, but it was hard to get anything worth while. Slowly floating a pilchard down, with no weight attached scored us a good quality Sweetlip, but it was tough!
The following day, we went to the same area, on another half day fishing trip, and couldn't have asked for more!
We got an abundance of Parrot fish, snapper, banded sea perch, and a nice Cobia. (Up and left). I also ducked out to the top end of Sunshine reef that afternoon to try to pick up a fish for Christmas, and came home with a good quality Maori Cod.
After this, the wind picked up again, and we didn't get out until the 21st December 2007.
Noosa fishing charter Greame MahiMahi
Sunshine coast fishing Tuna and Dolphin Fish
The 21st December 2007 was probably the best days fishing of 2007!
We left the Sheraton Jetty, Noosa Heads at 6am for a full day fishing trip. The conditions we fantastic, as you can see in the pic to the right. I had plans to head straight out to Chardons Reef, and chase Snapper for the day. This plan went out the window pretty quickly!
About half way out to Chardons, we saw 2 birds diving. We slowly approached to see a bait ball about 1 foot wide. we flicked some small slugs in, and immediately hooked up. Over the next hour or so, we brought in over 40 bonito, and Mack Tuna. We were even having to move the boat at times due to the bait trying to hide between Laguna Cats Motors.
After everyone had caught ample Bait fish, we kept going on our journey out ot Chardons. We Anchored up out there, and Straight away, Graeme Canning hooked onto a great specimen of a Pearl Perch. See pic to the left.
We stayed out at Chardons for a little while longer, while we waited for more Reef fish, but they never came, so, we upped the pick, and headed toward Sunshine reef. It wasn't long before we found another bait ball being rounded up but an array of sharks, and BIG fish!
We started flicking slugs again, and were very quickly rewarded with some small dolphin fish, and some good sized Skipjack Tuna. We had Tuna, Tiger Sharks, Mako Sharks, Cobia, MahiMahi, Skipjack tuna, Bonito, And just about everything (Short of Makerel) that you could ask for. We sent a pilchard into the ball, and pretty much instantly hooked on to the monster Dolphin Fish that Luke is Sporting in the pic to the right. We then hooked on to the Bull, and after about a ten minute struggle, he got away. (Taking the other fish with him)
So, we continued to Sunshine reef, where we topped the catch up with some Parrot, moses perch, and Scorpian Cod.
This was one of the most action packed days fishing on Laguna Cat for the year. There was barely a dull moment, and we were pretty  tired by the end of the day!
We needed a day off, but not a Cyclone! And that was pretty much what we got after this trip! Enormous seas, Strong winds, Torrential rain, and an all round bad end to December!
We saw some Fantastic fish for the month though, it was just a shame that we couldn't get back out to them again.
Sunshine Coast fishing Lukes Dolphin Fish

sunshine coast fishing Catch from 22nd December 2007
Sunshine coast fishing Squire and Grunter Bream

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