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 This is a collection of some of the species we expect to see while fishing Noosa Reefs.

 All fish below were caught on board Noosa's Laguna Cat, on half day noosa offshore fishing charters, 3/4 day noosa deep sea fishing charters or full day Noosa fishing charters, where possible the photographs have been dated.
If you have taken a photo from a Fishing Charter that you think should be included on this page, please email it to: enquiries@lagunachartersnoosa.com.au
This collection of Photographs gives a good indication of what can be caught on a deep sea fishing charter from Noosa, on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast, and what time of the year different fish are on the bite.
Please click on the fishing images to enlarge.

Greames Kingfish
Tony Greame's Yellow Tail Kingfish
North Reef Noosa
Trout Sweetlip
Trout, Snapper and Sweetlip

Sunshine Reef Noosa
Trout Mackerel and kingy
Mixed catch from
North Reef Noosa
Phantom Snapper
Phantoms Snapper
North Reef Noosa
Pearl Perch
Anthony's Pearlies

North Reef Noosa
Parrot Fish
Parrot fish
Sunshine Reef Noosa
Mix of Fish
Jaaps Group
Sunshine Reef Noosa
Longtail Tuna
Northern BLuefin Tuna

Sunshine Reef Noosa
Northern Bluefin Tuna
Northern Bluefin Tuna
Longtail Tuna
Longtail Tuna North Reef Noosa
Cobia Mix
Cobia catch
North Reef Noosa
Cobia Mix
Cobia Mix North Reef Noosa
longtail tuna
Longtail Tuna
North Reef Noosa
Blue Moari Cod
Blue Moari Cod
Sunshine Reef Noosa
Spotty Mackerel
Brett's Spotted Mackerel
North Reef Noosa
John Morwong
Johns Monster Morwong

North Reef Noosa
Wolfgang's Trout
North Reef Noosa
Mixed Catch 14th April 2008
Mixed Catch
Marcus Trout 14th April 2008
Marcus' Trout

Moari Cod and Pearlie
Moari Cod, Moses Perch, and Pearl Perch.

Eddie's Cobia
Eddie's Cobia
Spotty and Parrot
David with a nice Parrot,
and Spotted Mackerel

Moses and Morwong
Moses Perch and Morwong
Mixed 26th March 2008
Mixed catch
Brodie's Bonito
Brodie's Bonito Tuna
Anthony's Nannygai
Anthony's Large Mouth Nannygai

Brett, marcus and dennis fishing noosa for bonito
Brett, Marcus and Dennis Bonito.
Brett fishing noosa for bonito and sweetlip
Brett's Bonito, and sweetlip.
27th March 2008
Noosa Fishing Giselle
Giselle's Morwong and Parrot.
Cora Trout, Pearl Perch, Moari Cod and Parrot
Moari Cod, Coral Trout, Pearl Perch,
and Parrot Fish.
Noosa Fishing Trout
Euan's Trout
Caught at Sunshine Reef
Trouty and Spanish
Alex, Peter and Marks catch
Noosa Fishing Spanish Mackerel
Peter Kirke's Spanish Mackerel

Noosa Fishing Parrot Fish
Peter and Alex
Noosa Laguna Trouty
Mark's (the Skipper) Trout

Noosa Fishing Pic of Ann
Anns Yellow Sweetlip
Noosa Fishing Mowong
Parrot, and Morwong

Noosa Fishing Pearly
Snapper, Sweetlip, pearl perch and

Noosa fishing Bens Sweetlips
Barra Jack's Ben with 2 Sweetlip
Noosa Fishing Moari Cod
Moari Cod and Sweetlip
Noosa Fishing Sweetlip

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