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Cobia and mix
26th May 2008
North Reef
The  11th May was a Full day fishing charter where we fished Sunshine Reef for the day. It was blowing pretty hard, so Sunshine really was the only option (Until home time when it backed off!) We managed another Coral Trout, Sweetlip, Snapper, Moses Perch, and Maori Cod. The next few days were just average, with mostly Parrot, Moses perch and a few Spotty Mackerel.
The next trip of note was on the 16th of May 2008 when Jaap and his crew came out for a full day trip.
We departed at 6am, and headed straight out to Chardons Reef. We got into some fish quickly out there, but decided to move into Sunshine Reef at about 1230. This was a pretty fun day out there, with a good selection of fish picked up from the two reefs. We cam home with Coral Trout, Pearl Perch, Moses Perch, Trevally, School Mackerel, Scorpian Cod, Morwong, and a 1kg Whiptail. (pic on the right, 2nd from bottom)
The 17th was the last day we got out in this run, before the weather came in again. We once again fished Chardons reef, on a 3/4 day fishing trip.  This trip yielded quality Parrot, Morwong and Snapper.
Damien holding 2 Longtail Tuna
24th May 2008
Sunshine Reef
Northern Bluefin Tuna
25th May 2008
Chardons Reef
Parrot Fish
24th May 2008
Sunshine Reef

Macl and Longtail
The Protile guys with their tuna
10th May 2008
North Reef
Phantom Snapper
Phantoms Snapper
28th May 2008
North Reef
After a week of, we managed a Full day trip out to Sunshine Reef on the 24th May 2008. For the first time, We had a customer (Sue Pearce) actually catch an old 8oz sinker. (Which was later lost on the same day). Due to the weather, we stayed rather close to the land at Sunshine, but we still managed two Longtail Tuna (Pic top right) Pearl Perch, Parrot fish (pic above) Spotted Mackerel, Moses Perch, and Morwong.
The following day the conditions had improved, so we were able to venture a bit further out, and fished Chardons reef for Sweetlip, Parrot, Longtail Tuna, moses perch, and trevally.
The 26th May started very very very slowly!
The first spot saw Chris from Ottomans hook onto a Tiger Shark....but we only got it to the side of the boat before it got away.....not that I want it anywhere near the boat anyway. We tried so many spots on North Reef, and barely got a bite (One spot did get the two Pearlies in the bottom left pic). Finally we made one last move, and got straight on to 3 nice Cobia. All around the 9 kg mark! And yes, Chris, yours was the biggest.
John Scolls also caught his monster Morwong here too. A slow day very quickly turning into a good day, with everyone going home with an abundance of fish.
Finally, the 28th of May had been booked by me for a mates trip out to the Barwon Banks for months! So, of course, when the time came to go, the weather got worse! We left Noosa at 6am, and it took an hour to get just past the Noosa headland, So, a we decided to spend the day at North Reef instead. We spent about ten hours out there in very very ordinary conditions wearing a few storms before a water spout chased us home. I had many times seen waterspouts form on the horizon, or at least at a safe range from us. This day we got to see how strong nature can be. The spout formed, and came straight toward us. We were at a safe distance when we upped anchor and headed home, but we were close enough to see the water being sucked from the ocean and into the sky.
We came home with a few Snapper, and a mix of other fish, but not what we had hoped for had we got to the Banks.
The weather then came in again, and rain rain rain!
All in all May was hard weatherwise, and at times, the reef fishing was hard, but it could only be seen as a good month for fishing!
Lets see what Junes brings us
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Mix of fish
16th May 2008
Chardons and Sunshine Reefs
Pearl Perch
26th May 2008
North Reef
Wolfgang's Trout
3rd May 2008
North Reef
26th May 2008
North Reef

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